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Network Research Group (NRG) USM

NRG Mission:

"To conduct sustainable research into networking technologies, systems and applications for bridging the digital divide, in line with the university's mission of reaching the bottom billion"

NRG Vision:

"To create new software and hardware technologies for reliable, simple and affordable information access"

NRG Background:

Network Research Group (NRG) was established in 1992 under the School of Computer Sciences under Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass. This eventually evolved to become the National IPv6 Centre of Excellence (NAV6). At the end of 2008, NAV6 became an independent research center under the university.

Subsequently, Network Research Group has been reestablished under the School of Computer Sciences as a research group focusing on more theoretical aspects of networking, although there is continuation of sharing of expertise and collaboration between NRG and NAV6.
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